We at Elite Italian Guides takes pride in delivering a matchless luxury service. Not only are we composed of a great team of professional private tour guides with exceptional local and regional knowledge, but we also make it our mission to curate with utmost care and refinement every single element of the time that we spent with you.

For us, your needs are paramount, and together with our expertise and inside knowledge you will be able to discover and explore fantastic sites in Italy.

Italy has an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage; it is the country with the most UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Sites.

It has almost 200.000 listed properties from different historical and artistic periods, and to work properly, therefore, a tourist guide requires a deep knowledge that has to be limited to a regional geographical area.

The Italian Parliament passed European Law in 2013 which extends the validity of the accreditation to exercise the profession of tourist guide to cover the whole national territory of Italy.
This deregulation of our profession has put the quality of our service at risk so we have decided to create a network that will guarantee our clients the best companions to Italy’s treasures.

A team of locals with proper professional credentials and in-depth knowledge of the places you will visit will lead you and your family in an extraordinary voyage of discovery. We make it our priority to cater to your every requirement, no matter how small.

Ours is a highly personalised service that enables us to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Everybody can make a difference but the problem is that not everybody does. The main goal of all of us at ‘Elite Italian Guides’ is to go out of our way to make that difference especially for you.


Chiara Patu

Licensed Tourist Guide for Florence and Tuscany
Italiano, English, Français

Lucia LaziĆ

Licensed Tourist Guide for Florence and Tuscany
Italiano, English, Español, Hrvatski, Srpski, Português

Serena Barbetta

Licensed Tourist Guide for Florence and Tuscany
Italiano, English, Español, Português

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