Caravaggio. For a crucifixion by Sant’Andrea


from 19 April 2019 to 10 January 2020

The exhibition, in addition to the crucifixion of Saint Andrew by Michelangelo Merisl from Caravaggio, belonging to the Spier collection in London – formerly Back Vega – contains, thanks to the collaboration of the Messina museum center for cultural sites, also two works by Mario Minniti, a great friend of Caravaggio who hosted in his Sicilian period. The work, which is owned by a private fund, was exhibited in 2017 at the Cleveland museum, during the occasion of the restoration of the ‘Crocifissione di sant’Andrea” owned by the American museum.

A work of extraordinary beauty and of particular scientific interest that has a fascinating history to tell us and that is exhibited, for the first time in Italy, after a long absence from cultural stages. The painting depicts an unusual iconographic interpretation of the martyrdom of Saint Andrew the Apostle to be read in filigree with the contemporary Spanish mystic and can be related to the probable client of the version now preserved in Cleveland, Don Juan Alfonso Piementel y Herrera, count of Benavente. Saint Andrew, ‘guilty” of the conversion to Christianity of the wife of Aegeas, proconsul of Patras, is caught in the moment in which he is about to exhale his last sigh, after having long preached from the cross to which he was bound.

The exhibition, produced by Sicilia Musei, will be hosted until 10 January 2020 at the building of the Superintendency of Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the province of Syracuse, Immersed In the magic and suggestive view of Piazza Duomo in Ottigia.

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