One of the most fascinating ancient cities of the Campania region is Herculaneum. It is a resort town of wealthy people which was completely buried in the year 79 after Christ during an eruption of the world known Mount Vesuvius. The town was partly brought to light in 1738 when Charles III of Bourbon, king … Continued

The Greek-Roman ancient town of Neapolis

First-time visitors to Naples will enjoy this walking tour through the maze of narrow lanes which form a perfect network in the ancient city. Beautiful old churches and cloisters which are still embellished with the original frescoes and marble reliefs, are aligned along those narrow streets and each of them has a jewel to reveal. … Continued

A walk through the right bank of the Tiber River

Meet in the morning and explore part of the Roman Ghetto passing by the temple dedicated to Octavia, Emperor Augustus’ sister, and Theatre Marcello and we’ll be crossing the Tiberine island walking on a true ancient roman bridge and heading to the church of Santa Cecilia.

Ancient Rome Tours

Our tour of Ancient Rome offers you a possibility to discover the splendour of the Roman Empire and beyond. We spend 4 hrs walking through Roman history and we tell you even gossips about powerful Romans, who made the great capital of the Empire: Rome! The glorification of Rome by Augustus established the city as the imperial showpiece. Under Claudius’ reign two of Rome’s greatest aqueducts, the Acqua Claudia and the Anio Novus were completed.

Vatican tours

On show in the Vatican Museums are thousands of masterpieces that cover more than four thousand years of history. It is said that every year approx six million visitors visit Vatican Museums. The treasures from the art of the past and the present have been assembled in the Vatican collection through the intelligence and good taste of numerous popes. Our tour covers Vatican museums masterpieces, The Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Basilica. It is possible to customize together your private tours as you prefer.

Venice 4/5 hours tour

This is the perfect private tour for first-time visitors in Venice The tour combines some unmissable Venetian’s landmarks, a off-the-beaten paths walk and a tour  by boat. This tour includes: the Doge’s Palace – once the seat of the Venetian Republic and of its chief, the Doge – with its magnificent halls decorated by the … Continued

Half day walking tour of Bologna

Half day walking tour of Bologna will allow you to be exploring all of the most important attractions of town, as well as tasting its peculiar, incredibly lively lifestyle. Stops will be arranged at God Neptune Fountain, Main Square, City Hall, St. Petronius Basilica, Archiginnasio Palace, Santuario di Santa Maria della Vita, ancient Medieval Market Area, … Continued

Antique Greeks in Sicily

For whoever wants to relive the glorious history of the Antique Greeks it will be a must to visit the archaeologic parks of Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta which still now after 2000 years they preserve wonderful intact of temples and various other monuments of the life of these Greek cities. Following with visiting one of … Continued


The city of Catania and irresistible point, mine of hidden wonders, is a complete city that offers the tourist important historic and artistic routes, without excluding the many possibilities of relaxation and fun in its enchanting characteristic streets and live in every moment day and night; Furthermore, to the discovery of his Greek and Roman … Continued

La Villa Romana del Casale

Whereas, the Antique Rome which is found in the centre of Sicily with La Villa Romana del Casale, a roman residence of the III century A.C. which has been preserved from the nature throughout the years and given back to us with his own original system and wonderful mosaics that still now tells us about … Continued


Palermo, Sicily’s capital, diving in a chaotic city with the Arabic charms. This city gives the visitor a unique experience of the marvellous Norman Arab architecture that merge with the medieval and baroque art, with markets, restaurants and street food in between. Palermo is also is the perfect location to visit the nearest places like … Continued

Following Michelangelo’s footsteps

This tour is an homage to the greatest artist of all times Michelangelo Buonarroti. It has been designed to depict a comprehensive picture of the artist’s life, visiting the places he grew up in as a child and those he frequented as a young man. His minor works will also be examined.

Florentine Palazzi: an architectural tour

This tour explores the evolution of civil architecture over the centuries: from high and narrow medieval towers to the stately shapes of noble palaces of the Renaissance, commissioned by the richest families of the period, designed by the most famous architect of the day. The Florentine palazzi tour includes a visit to the Palazzo Davanzati, … Continued

One Day in Florence

This program aims to satisfy an art lover who has one day to dedicate to the discovery of the most important sights. A full day walk which includes visits to the Uffizi and Accademia Museums and to the most important institutions of religious and secular power.

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