Bike Tour Turin

Explore the beauty of Turin by bike, making use of the many level cycle paths and the green river banks available, accompanied by your personal English-speaking guide. At a leasurely cyclist’s pace you are given an insite into the best of Turin: its history, culture and wonderful culunary delights! Discover a magnificent urban landscape with … Continued

Photo Tour Venice

Discover and capture the magic atmosphere of Venice with a Private Photo Tour with a professional photographer and tour guide by your side. You will be guided and instructed by a photographer who published many books about Venice and its countryside, he will lead you off the beaten paths of this marvelous city, and will … Continued

Underground Rome

The ancient city lays under the modern Rome, we’ll be exploring the two underground levels of Saint Clemente’s Basilica heading to the ground level I cent a.D corresponding to the remains of an house and a temple, in the intermediate level we’ll pass by frescoed walls memories of the transition from the ancient roman pagan art to the christian roman art.

One day in Rome’s Environs

Since the ancient roman times Tivoli was the roman nobility most preferred place in order to take a rest from the tiring roman political activity. Emperor Hadrian built his residence on the bottom of Tivoli’s hilltop, a unique place named by the UNESCO world’s heritage.


Did you ever see the movie “Roman Holidays”? The elegant Audrey Hepburn was eating gelato in the Spanish Steps, she was wishing to come back to Rome at the Trevi’s Fountain, she was walking around the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, and she was followed by a professional photographer, well you’ll be in her shoes and … Continued

Islands of the lagoon

Half-day tour: Murano, Burano, Torcello

Venice and its lagoon: unmissible Unesco World Heritage Site, the Venetian lagoon is the largest in all Mediterranean and is dotted with dozens of islands. This private-boat tour is an unmissible journey to discover the origins of Venice and the main islands of the North lagoon: Murano, famed across the world for … Continued

Shopping in Tuscany

Italy in general but Florence especially, has an extraordinary heritage of quality craftsmanship and creativity which have led to the term “Made in Italy” becoming renowned worldwide. Over the years we have built up a strong network of connections and an in-depth knowledge of fashion (and not only) that allow us to offer refined, exclusive, … Continued

Half day Sport Cars tour

Bologna is the capital of fancy, fast, expensive, Italian design cars. There is no area around the world coming with such a high, concentrated number of sport cars manufacturers as the one between Modena and Bologna: this little corner of the world is indeed the capital of fancy, fast, expensive, Italian design cars. Ferrari, Lamborghini, … Continued

Discover Florence’s other Riverbank

The left bank of the Arno River offers more of an authentic Florentine atmosphere, because more frequented by local artists and craftsmen who work here and who in their shops and studios produce high quality wares made of every imaginable material. A permanent exhibition of the best of Made in Florence.

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