A walk through the right bank of the Tiber River

Meet in the morning and explore part of the Roman Ghetto passing by the temple dedicated to Octavia, Emperor Augustus’ sister, and Theatre Marcello and we’ll be crossing the Tiberine island walking on a true ancient roman bridge and heading to the church of Santa Cecilia. In Santa Cecilia through a little door we’ll get at the second floor of the agostinian nuns’ convent to enjoy an art hidden treasure: the Last Judgment depicted by Pietro Cavallini in the XIII cent. Pietro was Giotto’s teacher in Rome, working on many commissions that made his name eternal. His Last Judgement is a milestoe of the medieval art.
From the Basilica of Santa Cecilia we’ll be walking through Trastevere enjoying workshops, narrow little streets, tasting some biscuits in on one of the old bakeries while sipping an espresso, and walking again toward the river we’ll be crossing it ending the tour in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori the most famous flea market of Rome. This tour takes 4 hours, 4 hours of full immersion in the real Rome off the touristy paths.

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