Ancient Rome Tours

Our tour of Ancient Rome offers you a possibility to discover the splendour of the Roman Empire and beyond. We spend 4 hrs walking through Roman history and we tell you even gossips about powerful Romans, who made the great capital of the Empire: Rome! The glorification of Rome by Augustus established the city as the imperial showpiece. Under Claudius’ reign two of Rome’s greatest aqueducts, the Acqua Claudia and the Anio Novus were completed. Under Nero’s reign a fire quickly got out of hand and devastated Rome in 64 a.D. The extravagance and megalomania of Nero ended in his suicide in 69 a.D. His successor, Vespasian, was more sensitive to the needs of the population. Vespasian built the Colosseum, one of the great achievements of Roman architecture. You will learn more about our Roman history being involved with us in discovering Rome of the Ancient Romans.
The tour covers the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Imperial Fora, Capitoline Hill, Pantheon and Saint Clement’s Basilica, one of the best-preserved and oldest of Rome’s medieval basilicas. It consists of two churches superimposed, raised above a large early Imperial building. It is like a time machine which drives us from 1st century a.D. to 11th century a.D. and beyond
Walking tour with a duration of 4 hours.
Entrance fees with priority entrance are not included
Dress Code: Strictly covered knees and shoulders. So nothing above the knees, shoulders covered, no back packs nor bulky bags and if it rains only small umbrellas that can fit in a purse.

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