Caterina de Medici and Cosimo I de’ Medici Tour- The beginning of a Monarchy

In 2019, the city of Florence celebrates the 500th anniversaries of both Cosimo I de’ Medici’s and Caterina de’ Medici’s birth. Caterina, the granddaughter of Lorenzo the Magnificent, was the first Medici to become Queen of France. Come with us and discover the places where they lived.The tour will start inside Palazzo Medici, the palace where both Catherina and Cosimo resided. Then we will stop at the splendid Medici Chapels, the Medici mausoleum and a definite must in Florence. Afterwards, we will continue our tour by visiting the spectacular Palazzo Vecchio, where Cosimo I lived with his wife Eleonora di Toledo, and where all the important decisions about Caterina’s future were taken. The tour will end with a visit to the Pitti Palace, where Cosimo I, entitled Gran Duke of Tuscany started the real transformation of his Dynasty. Under his rule, the Medici family went from being “just” a simple,powerful and rich member of the Florentine society to becoming the official rulers of Florence and of the whole of Tuscany.
The tour last approximately 6 hour.

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