Half day walking tour of Bologna

Half day walking tour of Bologna will allow you to be exploring all of the most important attractions of town, as well as tasting its peculiar, incredibly lively lifestyle. Stops will be arranged at God Neptune Fountain, Main Square, City Hall, St. Petronius Basilica, Archiginnasio Palace, Santuario di Santa Maria della Vita, ancient Medieval Market Area, St. Stephen Complex and the Two Leaning Towers.
Half day walking tour of Bologna is 3 hours long. Full accessibility to all stops.

At the very heart of Bologna city centre is the imposing Main Square, best spot all over town to be spying on its inhabitants, here gathering to be having a chat and updating on latest news. Architecture here is just lavish and majestic: from Medieval City Hall, seat of the proud government of the city for over eight-hundred years, to gothic St. Petronius Basilica, one of the largest churches throughout Europe – originally intended to be larger and longer then St. Peter Basilica in Rome, no less – prepare to be left speechless. This is Italy at its best. This is also where one of the symbols of the town is located, outstanding Renaissance God Neptune Fountain. I will be revealing you its many secrets, and the tricks undertaken by sculptor Giambologna in order to be making fool of the Popes, Lords of the town when the Fountain was built.
Fair to say Bologna wouldn’t be the same without its world-famous University: this is where the very first public educational system came to be, over one thousand years ago, later to be exported all over the world. We shall be reaching Renaissance Archiginnasio Palace, very first campus of history, and the prototype for all school buildings.

Following stop will be the narrow alleys of Medieval Market area, kingdom of lavish delicatessen shops featuring Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham and handmade pasta: this is what the city is mostly renown for! Affectionately nicknamed ‘Seven Churches’ or ‘Holy Jerusalem of Bologna’, St. Stephen Complex is definitely the most beloved spot all across the town by locals. Located in a tiny little square miles away from the noise of the crowd and major tourist circuits, this ancient Medieval monastery, offering an unprecedented history spanning over two thousand years, will surely be able to be fascinating you. From ancient Roman ruins to mysterious medieval secrets and rituals, here you have it all!

Finally, we will be reaching the Two Towers: mentioned by Dante in his Inferno, one- thousand years old Asinelli and Garisenda towers are the definitive, truest symbol of the town. They are only a couple of the many towers that topped the sky of Bologna in 12th and 13th century, and admired ever since. Prepare yourself to bend over, in order to be enjoying the best view of them!

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