One of the most fascinating ancient cities of the Campania region is Herculaneum. It is a resort town of wealthy people which was completely buried in the year 79 after Christ during an eruption of the world known Mount Vesuvius. The town was partly brought to light in 1738 when Charles III of Bourbon, king of Naples, decided to uncover the ancient city.
Walking through the streets of this amazing town will give visitors a chance to understand the life of those ancient rich people. Herculaneum, which is still well preserved, was the town of wealthy families who decided to spend their holidays or part of their life in the beautiful gulf of Naples, in a city which must have been a jewel. The archaeologists who brought this city to light think that this was a sort of cultural centre where people used to meet to discuss philosophy, economics and many other subjects while enjoying the peaceful and warm environment.

Main highlights of the walking tour:

  • The wooden boat museum
  • Houses and public buildings
  • Shops and thermal baths
  • Main streets and their secrets

The tour lasts 2 hours.

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