Leonardo Tour, The Ultimate Renaissance Man

In 2019, the whole world is celebrating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. He died in Amboise on May the 2nd, 1519 but his incredible legacy still inspires millions of youngsters.

Our mission: discover the places where Leonardo Da Vinci lived and worked in Florence. You will walk the same street that Da Vinci where he rushed through as a young adult. We will tell you about his family, his childhood, the terrible stories and scenes that had to witness, his ideas, his visions and we will also show you where many of these inspirations came to life. The tour includes the visit to the Uffizi Gallery Museum to admire the three magnificent works of art that Leonardo painted at the beginning of his career, three wonderful examples of his flourishing artistic and scientific genius. Da Vinci had a great mind but also a sensible soul. His research for perfection sometimes led him to unfortunate experiments with well-founded techniques like fresco that lead him to inevitable failure.

Are they still any traces of his famous unfinished “Battle of Anghiari”? Experience the thrill of standing right on the spot of an exciting investigation: the whereabouts of a masterpiece lost for over five centuries. If you’d like to join me on this quest we can add to your tour the visit to the spectacular Salone dei Cinquecento inside the Palazzo Vecchio.
The tour lasts approximately 4 hour.

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