One day in Rome’s Environs

Since the ancient roman times Tivoli was the roman nobility most preferred place in order to take a rest from the tiring roman political activity. Emperor Hadrian built his residence on the bottom of Tivoli’s hilltop, a unique place named by the UNESCO world’s heritage. In Villa Adrian is possible to see bath-houses, lakes bordered by statues, remains of the emperial private living quarter, mosaic floors, and the suggestive scenario of a countryside enframed by olive trees. After walking in Hadrian’s Villa we’ll drive to Tivoli’s medieval city centre dominated by the hamlet built in the XV cent. by Pope Pius II and we’ll entering in the exquisite Villa d’Este to admire the beauty of the most famous italian garden ever built with artificial cascades hundreds of fountains recalling old miths, beautiful statues reminiscence of the classic past, gorgeous renaissance frescoes embellishing the rooms lived by Cardinal d’Este, it will be a true experience. The tour will cover 7 hours including lunch; car and driver are necessaries to get to Tivoli.

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