Shopping in Tuscany

Italy in general but Florence especially, has an extraordinary heritage of quality craftsmanship and creativity which have led to the term “Made in Italy” becoming renowned worldwide.
Over the years we have built up a strong network of connections and an in-depth knowledge of fashion (and not only) that allow us to offer refined, exclusive, unforgettable shopping experiences in a variety of areas, amongst which our specialities include:

    • luxury fashion boutiques , off the beaten path multi brand shops.
    • private ateliers and couturiers
    • private appointments and the possibility of creating unique, bespoke apparel for both men and women
    • goldsmiths’ work spaces and showrooms
    • highly personalized visits to top of the range jewellery workshops

Additionally we offer the chance to visit exclusive perfumery laboratories, as well as high end accessories ateliers which offer one of a kind hand stitched accessories especially ladies’ bags using leather, exotic skins and precious fabrics. Clients have the opportunity to customize their own piece by using personal jewel details and/or applying silver or gold initials, for example.
Finally we offer a unique home and interior design experience visiting stores and boutiques which have all you need for your Italian-style dream home.

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