The Greek-Roman ancient town of Neapolis

First-time visitors to Naples will enjoy this walking tour through the maze of narrow lanes which form a perfect network in the ancient city. Beautiful old churches and cloisters which are still embellished with the original frescoes and marble reliefs, are aligned along those narrow streets and each of them has a jewel to reveal. Underneath the old buildings, flanking the roads, there are still Greek and Roman remains with their own stories to tell. And the stories told by the guide embrace 2500 years of intrigues, plots, murders, “monacielli” and poltergeist.
Visiting this ancient area of the town is really an unforgettable experience. Along the way we will have a chance to stop for a taste of the celebrated pizza a portafoglio (to take away) or a pizza fritta or the “cuoppo” the iconic cone-shaped yellow paper filled with all sorts of fried food. And then there is coffee and limoncello but also baba and pastiera and the famous sfogliatella which is one of the sweetest street foods that can be eaten at any time.

Main highlights are:

  • Via tribunali, the former Decumanus major of the ancient town
  • Piazza San Gaetano, the place where the Greek agora and the Roman forum were
  • Via San Gregorio Armeno where the famous presepio artisan’s shops are
  • Spaccanapoli which corresponds to the Decumanus inferior of the ancient town
  • Piazzetta Nilo with the two thousand years old statue representing the Nile river
  • San Domenico Square with the beautiful homonymous church and its secrets
  • Gesù Nuovo and Santa Chiara churches
  • This walking tour lasts 4 hours but it will disclose 2500 years of history and art

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