Underground Rome

The ancient city lays under the modern Rome, we’ll be exploring the two underground levels of Saint Clemente’s Basilica heading to the ground level I cent a.D corresponding to the remains of an house and a temple, in the intermediate level we’ll pass by frescoed walls memories of the transition from the ancient roman pagan art to the christian roman art. Re-emerging from the underground up to the modern Rome we’ll walk toward the Celian Hill where Claudius the Emperor was worshipped as a god, the empress Agrippina…. right next the remains of his temple through a side access belonging to the Basilica of SS. John and Paul we’ll explore the underground area corresponding to an entire ancient living quarter turned in one splendid residence in the III cent. A.D. filled with frescoes and old mosaic floors, a true time machine in the heart of Rome’s belly. The tour takes 4 hours.

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