The learned one, the fat one, the red one.

These are three of the many prerogatives Bologna has been described with in the past. With an history spanning over three thousand years, the oldest University in the world – been founded in 1088 – and the longest arches worldwide, Bologna offers an incredible number of attractions and unique sights to be explored.
Forbes-elected Capital of Food in 2013, the city appears as a lavish, beautiful ensemble of pastel buildings topped by imposing medieval towers and majestic Renaissance palaces. The narrow medieval alleys and hidden canals in the heart of the city still offer a true, typical and authentic Italian lifestyle for you to be discovered and embraced.

Half day walking tour of Bologna

Half day walking tour of Bologna will allow you to be exploring all of the most important attractions of town, as well as tasting its peculiar, incredibly lively lifestyle. Stops will be arranged at God Neptune Fountain, Main Square, City Hall, St. Petronius Basilica, Archiginnasio Palace, Santuario di Santa Maria della Vita, ancient Medieval Market Area, … Continued

Half day Sport Cars tour

Bologna is the capital of fancy, fast, expensive, Italian design cars. There is no area around the world coming with such a high, concentrated number of sport cars manufacturers as the one between Modena and Bologna: this little corner of the world is indeed the capital of fancy, fast, expensive, Italian design cars. Ferrari, Lamborghini, … Continued

Bologna, half day food tour

If you were asking any Italian where best food in Italy is, answer will easily and promptly be Bologna! Truth is, there is undoubtedly something magical about this city, capital of Emilia-Romagna region, having been crowned Capital of Food by Forbes in 2013. There is something special in here. We love food. We breath food. … Continued

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