The Campania region is considered to be among the oldest inhabited areas of Italy making it the ideal place to trace back ancient civilizations like the Greeks, the Etruscans, the Oscan or the Romans. The archaeological sites of Herculaneum, Pompeii, Baia, Cumae, Stabiae, Oplontis, Paestum are the best testimonies of the glorious past of the famous Campania Felix. The entire region has some of the finest museums in the world, ranging from archaeological museums with their extraordinary collections of ancient artifacts, to Modern Art galleries like that of the prestigious Capodimonte Royal Palace of Naples or the amazing Royal Palace of Caserta rich in decorations.

Religion has always been important in the entire region so there are thousands of churches, from those lonely little chapels up on the mountains to important cathedrals and sanctuaries like Sant’Angelo in Formis or monasteries like San Martino, Padula or Montevergine, in the province of Avellino, which were decorated by notorious artists. Campania was a crossroads of trades for a long time and its vestiges are still visible in the small little town of Benevento, while the medieval town of Salerno still offers an opportunity to see important evidences of the first Medicine school. The town of Naples, the capital of the Campania region, is one of the most ancient cities in the world and a tour of its incredible maze of narrow streets, or a visit to its underground area, or a sightseeing tour of its spectacular dazzling coast to look at its amazing bay is a marvelous and remarkable adventure.


One of the most fascinating ancient cities of the Campania region is Herculaneum. It is a resort town of wealthy people which was completely buried in the year 79 after Christ during an eruption of the world known Mount Vesuvius. The town was partly brought to light in 1738 when Charles III of Bourbon, king … Continued

The Greek-Roman ancient town of Neapolis

First-time visitors to Naples will enjoy this walking tour through the maze of narrow lanes which form a perfect network in the ancient city. Beautiful old churches and cloisters which are still embellished with the original frescoes and marble reliefs, are aligned along those narrow streets and each of them has a jewel to reveal. … Continued

Neapolitan cuisine and tasty wines

Campanian and Neapolitan cuisine are very well known all over the world as many of the iconic dishes of this magic land are simply excellent. The sun shining most of the time, the fertile volcanic soil, the mild climate and the sea all contribute to create awesome recipes. The wines produced in this lovely region … Continued

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