We are Local Qualified Tour Guides in Rome and surroundings who adjust the private tours we provide to our clients’ interests, knowledge and energy level. This means that there is no time restrain on the tours and that we “go” as long as our Clients want. While tour in Rome we also usually recommend having the convenience of a car or minivan & driver to help us in the sightseeing process. The sights in Rome are quit spread out and a lot of them are very difficult to get to on foot or with public transportation so a driver facilitates/maximizes the time we spend sightseeing. As you can imagine having over 3000 years of history, we never run out of things to see in what once used to be the “Caput Mundi” or “Capitol of the World”.Rome is so full of attractions and sights, churches and museums, beautiful views and curiosities, not to mention all anecdotes etc so you could tour for weeks and not getting enough of it.

Underground Rome

The ancient city lays under the modern Rome, we’ll be exploring the two underground levels of Saint Clemente’s Basilica heading to the ground level I cent a.D corresponding to the remains of an house and a temple, in the intermediate level we’ll pass by frescoed walls memories of the transition from the ancient roman pagan art to the christian roman art.

A walk through the right bank of the Tiber River

Meet in the morning and explore part of the Roman Ghetto passing by the temple dedicated to Octavia, Emperor Augustus’ sister, and Theatre Marcello and we’ll be crossing the Tiberine island walking on a true ancient roman bridge and heading to the church of Santa Cecilia.

One day in Rome’s Environs

Since the ancient roman times Tivoli was the roman nobility most preferred place in order to take a rest from the tiring roman political activity. Emperor Hadrian built his residence on the bottom of Tivoli’s hilltop, a unique place named by the UNESCO world’s heritage.


Did you ever see the movie “Roman Holidays”? The elegant Audrey Hepburn was eating gelato in the Spanish Steps, she was wishing to come back to Rome at the Trevi’s Fountain, she was walking around the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, and she was followed by a professional photographer, well you’ll be in her shoes and … Continued

Ancient Rome Tours

Our tour of Ancient Rome offers you a possibility to discover the splendour of the Roman Empire and beyond. We spend 4 hrs walking through Roman history and we tell you even gossips about powerful Romans, who made the great capital of the Empire: Rome! The glorification of Rome by Augustus established the city as the imperial showpiece. Under Claudius’ reign two of Rome’s greatest aqueducts, the Acqua Claudia and the Anio Novus were completed.

Vatican tours

On show in the Vatican Museums are thousands of masterpieces that cover more than four thousand years of history. It is said that every year approx six million visitors visit Vatican Museums. The treasures from the art of the past and the present have been assembled in the Vatican collection through the intelligence and good taste of numerous popes. Our tour covers Vatican museums masterpieces, The Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Basilica. It is possible to customize together your private tours as you prefer.

Rome of Romans tour. Off the beaten tracks

Market tour of Rome with food shop visits and tastings
A Rome food tour to discover in a fun way the daily markets, shops and gastronomy of the city.
Join us to experience Rome as the Romans do… Strolling through open-air markets, visiting food stores, going to an old bakery to see firsthand how pizza is made, stepping into one of the most famous delicatessen stores in Rome that has been there since 1870…An Italian tradition is to get together over food and wine.

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