Sicily is an island located on the south of the Italian peninsula at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, famous in whole the world for its unparalleled combination between nature, landscapes, colours, sea and the historic, artistic and cultural heritage, eradiated from many people that have crossed it in the historian times.

Since the historian times, Sicily, for its strategic location has been a stopping point for many travellers, merchants, soldiers that were sailing through the Mediterranean Sea, and with the fact that it has been dominated many times by different nations of people like the Greeks, Romans, Byzantine, Arabs and Normans, Anjou, Aragonese and Spanish, where each one of them has left on the land a precious inheritance.

For these reasons, a trip to Sicily is like a trip back in time to the discovery of different cultures, arts and traditions that have been mixed giving life to a unique scenario, the Sicilian world.

Sicily with its 25.000 km squared, today houses 9 provinces, each of which as well as reviving the visitor amazing moments of the art and history from the past, give the possibility to combine moments of relax in the beautiful beaches with blue sea, or in the characteristic natural trails in the protected natural reserves, or even in the little Vulcanic islands, discovering the local flora and fauna, alternating moments of the typical food and wine of a millenary of a culinary tradition.

Lastly, the tourist that will like to visit Sicily will be able to choose between a variety of routes: or by following up on the many different things that this territory offers, according to their own personal interest, or through a tour of the most significant places in Sicily in terms of sea, nature, history, art and other traditions.

The local tour guides, ambassadors of their own territory, specialized in the routes and territories mentioned above, with extreme competence, experience and attention will know how to advise you and help you prepare your dream holiday, guiding you into unique itineraries accustomed to your needs and available time.

Antique Greeks in Sicily

For whoever wants to relive the glorious history of the Antique Greeks it will be a must to visit the archaeologic parks of Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta which still now after 2000 years they preserve wonderful intact of temples and various other monuments of the life of these Greek cities. Following with visiting one of … Continued


The city of Catania and irresistible point, mine of hidden wonders, is a complete city that offers the tourist important historic and artistic routes, without excluding the many possibilities of relaxation and fun in its enchanting characteristic streets and live in every moment day and night; Furthermore, to the discovery of his Greek and Roman … Continued

La Villa Romana del Casale

Whereas, the Antique Rome which is found in the centre of Sicily with La Villa Romana del Casale, a roman residence of the III century A.C. which has been preserved from the nature throughout the years and given back to us with his own original system and wonderful mosaics that still now tells us about … Continued


Palermo, Sicily’s capital, diving in a chaotic city with the Arabic charms. This city gives the visitor a unique experience of the marvellous Norman Arab architecture that merge with the medieval and baroque art, with markets, restaurants and street food in between. Palermo is also is the perfect location to visit the nearest places like … Continued

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