Situated in Italy’s Northeast, Veneto extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea and express an extraordinary variety with spectacular landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Amazing cities of art like Verona, Vicenza , Padua, hidden small towns, the magnificent Palladian villas scattered along the Brenta Riviera and the extraordinary queen of the Sea: Venice and its lagoon!

You will be overwelmed by the beauty of this unique city, built on a maze of more than 150 canals and over 400 bridges, where past and present smelt each other. The magnificent St Mark’s square, with the Doge’s Palace, once home to the Venetian rulers, the Basilica with its amazinggolden mosaics, then hidden gems off the beaten path and amazing Galleries and museums of modern and ancient art.

Photo Tour Venice

Discover and capture the magic atmosphere of Venice with a Private Photo Tour with a professional photographer and tour guide by your side. You will be guided and instructed by a photographer who published many books about Venice and its countryside, he will lead you off the beaten paths of this marvelous city, and will … Continued

Islands of the lagoon

Half-day tour: Murano, Burano, Torcello

Venice and its lagoon: unmissible Unesco World Heritage Site, the Venetian lagoon is the largest in all Mediterranean and is dotted with dozens of islands. This private-boat tour is an unmissible journey to discover the origins of Venice and the main islands of the North lagoon: Murano, famed across the world for … Continued

Venice 4/5 hours tour

This is the perfect private tour for first-time visitors in Venice The tour combines some unmissable Venetian’s landmarks, a off-the-beaten paths walk and a tour  by boat. This tour includes: the Doge’s Palace – once the seat of the Venetian Republic and of its chief, the Doge – with its magnificent halls decorated by the … Continued

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